Officer Elections

Thursday, September 29th

A secret-ballot election for RUNAP officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and At-Large Board Member) will be held on 9/29 from 8am to 9pm at the Hampton Inn on 1323 East Ridge Road. Drop in any time during that window; voting only takes a minute!

The Candidates


Carmen Camelio, MICU
Carmen Camelio, MICUPresident
A little over a year ago we started a conversation about how to fix our hospital. We chose to stand together to negotiate for the changes we need. In my 19 years at RGH I spent 7 years as a Corporate Float and have worked in almost every unit in the hospital. I developed a great fondness for the whole institution and everyone who makes up our family. I’m running for president because the conversation is ongoing and I’m really enjoying it. And I really do care for everyone at RGH and am looking forward to working with all of you to make things better for us, our patients, and our colleagues.

Vice President

Christa Kendall, MSDU
Christa Kendall, MSDUVice President
I have worked as an RN at RGH for 20 years on 2800, MICU, 4900, corporate float, 5400 and MSDU. I am running for Vice President of RUNAP because I want to give back to nursing and I want the new nurses to have the opportunities and support that I had in the beginning of my career. I want to incentivize experienced nurses to remain at the bedside, to improve patient care, and to improve our working conditions. I want all of us to feel proud of the care we give and of the place we work. I want to take action and create solutions that will lead us to success in our profession. I want my professional legacy to be that I was a part of making a difference for our patients and the next generation of nurses. I look forward to growing our union and uniting with other allied professionals because there is power in numbers.
Nate Ontiveros, MICU
Nate Ontiveros, MICUVice President
After working to make RUNAP a reality, I promise to work just as hard to grow and strengthen our new union. I will work to ensure that we don’t lose the gains we’ve made, and that RGH will once again become the kind of facility at which nurses are happy and proud to work. Our successes will prove to other healthcare professionals what we have all learned in forming our union: that we can achieve more, together. In time, I hope to grow RUNAP to represent other specialties and facilities in the area, so that the people all over the city of Rochester can get the care they deserve.


Lindsay Rockefeller, OR
Lindsay Rockefeller, ORTreasurer
I’m a 2nd generation RGH nurse with 14yrs of service. I worked as a LPN/RN on 4500 for over 4yrs and have been in the OR for 10yrs, so I understand the stresses of nursing roles across different departments and the changes that need to be made in order to create a better/safer work environment for staff and patients alike.

I became active in our union campaign in January and have become very passionate about and committed to creating a strong, successful union where our voices will be heard! As an elected OR rep, I’d also like to take on the challenge of RUNAP’s elected board treasurer. Wages, benefits, pension, staff retention and safe staffing are just a few of my priorities, and although this is all very new to me, I will embrace the challenges of the treasurer’s roles and vow to dedicate my time and energy in maintaining the integrity and financial health of RUNAP. I look forward to working with all of the wonderful nurses of RGH. Solidarity to all!


Meg Murphy, MSDU
Meg Murphy, MSDUSecretary
I have worked at RGH for 10 years on 5500, PCAT, education, 5400 and MSDU. I am running for union secretary because I want all of our voices to be heard and good communication will be important as we unite together in making positive changes in our patient care and our work environment. I believe it’s important to take action as a collective group because all of our voices together will lead to change. Only action leads to success!
Jake Spencer, PACU
Jake Spencer, PACUSecretary
My name is Jacob Spencer. I have been a nurse with Rochester Regional for almost 6 years. During my time here, I spent 3 years with 4500, 1 year with outpatient urology offices, and then returned to the hospital to PACU. During my time here, I have seen such great nurses leave this profession completely, from the lack of respect and support from our administration. I watched as countless of my nursing family members left this system, because they felt that they were unsafe. Before leaving myself, I knew that something had to be done and we as nurses had to start fighting back for ourselves and for our patients. I knew that it was time to start searching for union representation.

Shortly after looking into nursing unions, I was informed about our organizing with the support of NENA. I have been fortunate to be a part in helping organize this nursing union. After hearing all the testimonies from many of our fellow nurses, I am proud to help stand next to each of you and fight for what is just and fair for not only our patients, but also all of us. For far too long, nurses have been treated as disposable and our patients have been treated as numbers instead of people. The time for change starts now. Since hearing about NENA and our nursing union, I have put in all my efforts to help support our cause. I have willingly put myself on our fliers and interviewed with local news stations to help stand in support of my fellow nurses. I have remained 100% in support of RUNAP and would love to continue to do so as our union Secretary. I have been helping organize information from each union meeting that I have attended and been relaying it back to multiple units throughout the hospitals. I would love to continue helping RUNAP by becoming your union secretary. I have been and always will be there to stand up and make sure that each and every one of our nurses’ voices are heard. I will always help continue to spread the good word and the strong efforts we are making with RUNAP.

Renee Walton, PACU
Renee Walton, PACUSecretary
My name is Renee Walton and I am running for secretary of RUNAP.

Over my 34 year career as a nurse I have worked in a variety of positions – from floor nursing to critical care to my current job in our PACU. I believe that these have provided me with a good cross section of operations, responsibilities, and challenges that come with the profession at all stages. As we set forth on this new course I hope to use my experiences to the benefit of both new and veteran nurses.

An important part of the secretary position to me is the focus on communication, whether that be with hospital leadership, fellow union representatives, or all of you. I have always thought of myself as an approachable coworker who is willing to listen and share your concerns. I feel as though my relationships with those at many levels of the RGH family would benefit the union greatly going forward.

Having been at RGH for 25 years, I have witnessed the changing climate in our profession. I have felt many of the same frustrations as all of you. This union presents a unique opportunity for us to see crucial changes made around the hospital. It is our responsibility, as its founding members, to ensure that this chance does not pass us by. I look forward to being part of the team that pioneers this next era of Rochester General Hospital.

At-Large Board Member

Jenny Gough, Sands 600
Jenny Gough, Sands 600At-Large Board Member
Hi! I’m Jenny and I’ve been a hem/onc nurse at RGH for 5 years, first on 5500, and now on Sands 600. I’m an MCC graduate and I live in Rochester with my husband and two young sons. Just last week, I started St John Fisher’s RN to BSN program. I chose to fight for our union because I thought we deserved better. I watched my tight knit unit slowly fall apart because no efforts were made to retain our nurses. Now that we’ve won our election, the real work begins. I want to continue fighting for all of us. As a board member, I promise to be a strong advocate to help make our union the force for change we need.
Katie Sapp, PACU
Katie Sapp, PACUAt-Large Board Member
My name is Katie Sapp and I currently work in PACU as the Clinical nurse leader. I have been a part of the RGH family for 21 years. I knew when I graduated RGH was the home for me and has been ever since. I have been in such roles as PCT, GN, RN (both on and off the clinical ladder) and CNL (currently in PACU) and prior on 5400 (when it was the PPCU). I do all of the scheduling, timekeeping and communications for the PACU currently. During COVID we opened a unit where I took on the responsibility of opening, staffing and making sure the unit ran smoothly. I feel it is necessary to keep honest communication amongst my peers. I am always willing to go above and beyond for my co-workers, patients and families to achieve the very best outcomes. I love working in a positive environment with a strong leading force to ensure the best experience for all.

I am running for the office position of At-Large board member. Throughout this whole process I feel I am in a good position to help aid and guide nurses in this hospital to gain the most upfront and truthful knowledge. This has been a learning experience for all of us and I would like to be a part of leading our future as nurses. My experiences and knowledge in all roles at RGH would help me in this officer position. Being on the forefront and gaining as much knowledge as possible makes me strive to expand the knowledge of others. This is a new adventure for everyone and I am here to spread my wings to be there for each and every nurse at the hospital we call HOME.

Maria Petrella, MSDU
Maria Petrella, MSDUAt-Large Board Member
Hi! My name is Maria and I’ve been a registered nurse on the Medical Step-Down Unit; formerly known as 5400/PPCU, for seven years. I graduated from St John Fisher College and am currently obtaining my master’s degree there for acute care Nurse Practitioner. I actively participate in many quality care committees such as the pain committee and patient safety. I also have my level IV on the clinical ladder. Initially, I was not familiar with unions, and I am continuing to learn every day. I believe that all opinions and voices are an important part of Rochester General Hospital to make improvements. I am running for the At large Board member position to continue to educate and advocate for those that are unfamiliar with unions. I know that I would thrive in this role because throughout the election process I was able to understand all nurses’ concerns. And if elected I will continue to listen to all opinions on what is important to everyone.

The Officer Positions

Officers serve for two years, and together compose the Executive Board. The duties of each officer, and the Board as a whole, are listed below. Note that the Board will be five people, with one of the positions being elected as a representative of the local. RUNAP only has one local right now, but if another local formed in the future, they would also directly elect one Board Member to represent their local.

The following are brief descriptions of the officer positions. More detailed descriptions may be found on pages 3-4 of the RUNAP Bylaws.

President: The President is the chief executive officer of the union, presiding over meetings and committees and leading the organizational efforts of the union.

Vice President: The Vice President assists the President in their duties, and assumes the office of the Presidency in case of its vacancy.

Secretary: The Secretary keeps minutes of meetings and coordinates communications with the membership.

Treasurer: The Treasurer keeps the financial books of the union, submitting financial reports to the members and implementing the budget voted on by the membership at the annual convention.

Executive Board: The Executive Board meets monthly to conduct the day-to-day business of the union in between annual and special membership meetings and execute the decisions of the membership.