It’s time for the nurses of Rochester General to come together as one and advocate for ourselves. In order to provide safe, effective care, we need the appropriate resources and a seat at the table. It is clear that decisions are not being made in the best interest of nurses or patients, and it is time for that to change.

Our mission is to provide care in a way that is safe to patients and nurses both. We deserve to feel safe, compensated, and fulfilled in our profession. We deserve transparency from management instead of vague promises that fail to materialize.

There is strength in numbers, and nurses from all across the hospital are voting YES to unionize. It is long overdue that we as nurses have a voice when it comes to making decisions that directly affect our work. Who better to represent us than ourselves?

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All workers have a right to:

  • Form a union without being threatened or intimidated by the employer.
  • Discuss the union with coworkers anytime it would be appropriate to discuss other non-work topics
  • Distribute union literature in areas and at times where other non-work items are present
  • Keep written records of all violations of these rights (time, place, people involved)

The employer cannot:

  • Discriminate against you based on your union activities
  • Promise benefits to discourage support for your union
  • Grant a pay increase or change working conditions to influence your support or feelings about your union
  • Threaten lay-offs if employees form a union
  • Support or give assistance to anti union employees
  • Solicit grievances or promise to remedy them to keep the union out
  • Spy on employees for the purpose of observing union activities