The Rochester Union of Nurses and Allied Professionals was formed in 2022 by nurses at Rochester General Hospital who decided to create better conditions for patients and hospital staff. We won our union election in July of 2022 and set out on creating a set of bargaining contract proposals that would restore out hospital to a respectable institution it once was.

Our bargaining committee of over 100 nurses elected from all units came together to draft a comprehensive set of contract proposals designed to attract and retain new and experienced nurses alike.  Our proposals are strong enough to bring nurses back to the profession and hospital we love.  Our contract proposals are reasonable, affordable, and have attainable time frames.  It’s time RGH stops throwing money at travel nurses who have no stake in our institution and invest in our nurses to create a sustainable future.

Each day we don’t have a fair and competitive union contract for nurses at RGH is a day that we lose more staff nurses, and our patients remain at risk. We are calling on the leadership of RGH to step in. To have a safe hospital, we need meaningful improvements in staffing levels,  a competitive wage scale that shows nurses they won’t need to leave RGH after just a few years on the job, and  commit to providing functional hospital equipment.


Carmen Camelio
Carmen CamelioPresident
Christa Kendall
Christa KendallVice President
Lindsay Rockefeller
Lindsay RockefellerTreasurer
Gillian Kingsley
Gillian KingsleySecretary
Jenny Gough
Jenny GoughAt-Large Board Member


Who wrote these bylaws?
A volunteer committee of 23 nurses across 16 units drafted these bylaws, with the assistance of materials and examples provided by attorneys.
When were these bylaws adopted?
These bylaws were unanimously adopted by a secret-ballot vote of the membership on August 11, 2022.
What is the difference between RUNAP and the “local association” referenced in the bylaws?
For practical purposes, they will be the same thing, at least at first. But if another group wanted to form a union within RUNAP, we could be under the same umbrella for coordinating and sharing resources, but would have our own local control of our contracts and hospital issues. So the bylaws have a framework for if that ever happens.