After winning recognition, we will nominate a bargaining committee that will negotiate a first contract with the company based on our entire group filling out bargaining surveys. A union contract is only in effect after being bargained and voted into place by the employees covered by the union.

Collective bargaining is just that bargaining. There are no guarantees of what we will win in a first contract, but there is a guarantee that the network must bargain in good faith with the elected committee made up of MSNBC WGAE members. The entire bargaining unit (every MSNBC employee eligible for union membership) would then vote on whether to ratify the contract before anyone is responsible for union dues.

WGAE members across the industry (including ABC and CBS News) have bargained terrific contracts that guarantee good salary minimums with annual raises, excellent benefits, compensation/overtime for long hours, and help to ensure fairer workplaces. You can check them out here: