The Writers Guild of America, East is a labor union of over 6,000 creative professionals in broadcast news, scripted television and motion pictures, and digital media. For decades, the Writers Guild has been essential in fighting for better standards in working conditions, compensation, and the rights of its members in their industry. The WGAE’s mission is to build a community of creative professionals with the willingness to support one another and the power to secure fair standards across the media industry. For more information on the WGAE, please visit

Here is a great example of how WGAE members stood together to support over 500 editorial staff at Hearst Magazines who organized to join the union (and it includes some highlights of what union members have won in their WGAE contracts): 

Writers Guild members already have union contracts at CBS News, ABC News, and local affiliates (along with thousands of other television news workers who belong to other unions). Here are some great examples.